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Life in 2050: A Glimpse at the Homes in the Future

Life in 2050: A Glimpse at the Homes in the Future

Rapidly accelerating technology and the need for sustainable living will revolutionize how people live by 2050.

Welcome back to the "Life in 2050" series! So far, we've looked at how ongoing developments in science, technology, and geopolitics will be reflected in terms of warfare and the economy. Today, we are shifting gears a little and looking at how the turbulence of this century will affect the way people live from day to day.

As noted in the previous two installments, changes in the 21st century will be driven by two major factors. These include the disruption caused by rapidly accelerating technological progress, and the disruption caused by rising global temperatures, and the environmental impact this will have (aka. Climate Change).

These factors will be pulling the world in opposite directions, and simultaneously at that. Rising seas, hotter summers, wetter winters, increased flooding, drought, pandemics, desertification, and shrinking supplies of freshwater will likely lead to all kinds of scarcity, humanitarian crises, and increased levels of mortality.

Meanwhile, technological advances in terms of renewable energy, fusion power, materials science, blockchains, smart technology, additive manufacturing (3D printing), commercial space exploration, and biotechnology are set to lead to a new era of abundance in terms of energy, wealth, health, and new resources.

In an age where Climate Change and technological change will essentially be competing for control of our future, the challenge will be how to leverage one to address the other. All told, there are four areas where this will really come into play:

- Growth of Urban Centers
- Machine Learning and AI
- Decentralization of Everything
- Sustainable Cities
- Rising Seas and Sinking Coastlines

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