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On the Line: Honduras’ Climate Refugees

On the Line: Honduras' Climate Refugees

The combination of the pandemic and natural disasters has left many Honduran in need of immediate aid.

Migrants, mostly Honduran hurricane victims and economic victims of the pandemic, walk more than 500 kilometers through southern Mexico, crossing three states. The Mayan Train, an economic development project in the region, has paralyzed normal train traffic, and the migrants are forced to walk along the tracks to Veracruz, where the trains are running again.

The economic impact of the pandemic has been devastating in Honduras, where the economy is expected to shrink by more than 7 percent. In addition, Hurricanes Eta and Iota arrived in November, affecting more than four million people and leaving hundreds of thousands in need of immediate aid.

Without work, without homes, and with no expectation that the government can or will help them, many Hondurans see migration as the only viable solution.

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